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RINSE – Something’s Got To Break

December 30, 2012 |

Lo-fi with punk roots, this Australian act’s melodic track Something’s Got To Break should nuzzle its way into your collection. It’s currently available for free so be sure to snag it. Read More

Portage – Landings

December 21, 2012 | 1

Cold winters won’t keep Portage from warming up your speakers. The Minneapolis four-piece has just unveiled their sophomore album, Landings and it is a first-rate release. Read More

The Canadian Shield – Songs For The Dead In Love

August 22, 2012 |

The Canadian Shield refers to the vast region of igneous rock surrounding Canada’s Hudson Bay area, so it makes sense that a rock band would take the moniker and make it their own. Based out of Toronto, this two piece band has their feet firmly planted in traditional rock ‘n roll and it’s clear that these guys are set to do big things. When we first listened to their album, Songs for the Dead in Love, we were immediately hit with a soulful blend of vocals and catchy melodies. It plays out like an awesome night on the town in some bar that you feel right at home in. The sound is polished yet still retains that genuine rock feel. Read More

Take One Car – It’s Going to Be a Nice Day

August 8, 2012 |

Hailing from upstate New York, Take One Car is breathing new life into the post-hardcore scene. With a highly potent mix of wailing guitars, spoken word vocals, and steadfast drums, this music carries a purpose. Read More

Quiet Hounds – Megaphona

July 23, 2012 |

It’s no secret that Austin, TX has a rich & thriving music scene. The city is home to SXSW, Austin City Limits, and many other musical festivals that we’d be right at home at if we had the frequent flyer miles to support our constant traveling. So when we discovered that Quiet Hounds had their roots set in the heart of Texas, we knew it’d be good.

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Tough Lovers – Good Morning

July 17, 2012 | 1

There must be something in the water up in Canada because we find so many great bands emerging from our neighbors to the north. Tough Lovers is an indie/pop rock act based out of Vancouver. Their latest album, Good Morning, is packed with catchy guitar riffs and even catchier vocals.

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Lions – MTNZ

July 5, 2012 | 1

Tennessee is not normally known for large wild cats but that doesn’t stop Lions from roaming the plain with an arsenal of riffs and soaring vocals. The band hails from Knoxville and has already amassed a solid following and will be touring select cities throughout the summer. While it would be safe to classify Lions as a math rock band, they also incorporate many other elements into their sound. The vocals ascend, the guitars are often jazzy, and the drums are a strong backbone to the wild animal.
Pick up their latest album, MTNZ, and crank it up! Read More

While Giants Sleep – S/T EP

September 18, 2011 |

It’s no secret that we are enamored with Sweden. Between their budding film scene, the music, and local culture, there’s a lot to love. That’s why we weren’t surprised when we learned our new favorite band is from Eslöv, Sweden.

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Grand & Noble – S/T

August 18, 2011 |

A sound that is reminiscent of sweet and smoky 70s rock that has been beautifully paired with a modern day flavor, Grand & Noble have carefully crafted a sound that many listeners will love. Johnathan Elling’s vocals are a delight … Read More

Papermaps – Reunion

June 22, 2011 |

Papermaps is an indie rock band from Canada whose sound artfully combines elements of pop, shoegaze, and experimental. The quartet was formed by guitarist and lead vocalist Dean Marino, who has been creating music since 2004 under the aliasex~po. With … Read More