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Tsun – Marmalade

October 29, 2013 |

Tsun is delivering psychedelic blues straight from Australia. Soulful and raw, the two song EP is quick but fires on all cylinders. Read More

The Blue Stones – How’s That Sound?

August 23, 2013 |

Sharply dressed and ready to rock, Ontario’s The Blue Stones have a new spin on the blues genre. How’s That Sound? is the sophomore album from the band and the sound is just what we need on a Friday night at the bar. It’s spirited & loud but the blues influence takes center stage and demands your attention. Grab your friends, grab a pint, and grab this album. Read More

Nimbus Earth – Are You Dreaming? Are You Sleeping?

March 13, 2013 |

Are you holding? Get comfortable and get ready to be immersed in a psychedelic blues fueled album. The Tustin, California trio, Nimbus Earth, want to take you to outer-space and beyond. Are You Dreaming? Are You Sleeping? would fit nicely on your playlist alongside bands like Pink Floyd for those times when you need to get away. Read More

The Canadian Shield – Songs For The Dead In Love

August 22, 2012 |

The Canadian Shield refers to the vast region of igneous rock surrounding Canada’s Hudson Bay area, so it makes sense that a rock band would take the moniker and make it their own. Based out of Toronto, this two piece band has their feet firmly planted in traditional rock ‘n roll and it’s clear that these guys are set to do big things. When we first listened to their album, Songs for the Dead in Love, we were immediately hit with a soulful blend of vocals and catchy melodies. It plays out like an awesome night on the town in some bar that you feel right at home in. The sound is polished yet still retains that genuine rock feel. Read More

Young Benjamins – EP

January 21, 2012 |

Our latest review takes us up north to Saskatchewan, Canada. Young Benjamins have blended folk & blues into a refreshing indie sound that is sure to fill the void in your playlist. Although their self-titled EP is just three tracks, it does a great job at showing you the range this band has. It starts out upbeat with a western tinge of rhythmic drums and violin, brings you down into some rocking blues, and then dueling vocals carry you to the end. Be ready to hit the replay button. Read More