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Papermaps – Reunion

June 22, 2011 |

Papermaps is an indie rock band from Canada whose sound artfully combines elements of pop, shoegaze, and experimental. The quartet was formed by guitarist and lead vocalist Dean Marino, who has been creating music since 2004 under the aliasex~po. With … Read More

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

June 8, 2011 |

Manchester Orchestra has grown. A simple statement with an undeniable truth, the band has continued to evolve with each album, from their debut, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child, to the most recent release, Simple Math, which has become a completely … Read More

City and Colour – Little Hell

June 7, 2011 |

Dallas Green is a man who likes to make us wait. In all fairness, he has a lot on his plate. When he’s not touring as City and Colour, he’s fulfilling his duties as guitarist and vocalist for Alexisonfire, a … Read More

Guards – Guards EP

June 5, 2011 |

You may have seen the new promo for MTV’s latest show Teen Wolf. The song featured in it is by a band called Guards. They have a sound that could be classified as a throwback to 60s pop played by … Read More

Yarn Owl – Montana Y Caballo

May 13, 2011 |

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Yarn Owl brings a folksy indie sound that dabbles in lo-fi yet is produced well enough that you are surrounded in a blanket of sound. Their latest album Montany Y Caballo is sure to keep you company … Read More

Robot Science – Good Luck

May 4, 2011 |

There are those times where you just need an instrumental album to amplify the scenes in your life. Robot Science has set out to create indie chiptune/electronic music that is the perfect fit for many things. Whether you’re creating the … Read More

The Ultrasounds – Give Up The Fight

April 23, 2011 |

Not to be confused with the late 90s band of the same moniker, this incarnation of The Ultrasounds hails from Chicago. Indie rock stylings take center stage with shoegaze elements creating an airy sound. The album has dual vocals (male/female) … Read More

Monster Paws – S/T

April 13, 2011 |

“It sounds like yer winning something.” That’s how Isaac Kappy and Nate Santa Maria of Monster Paws describe their music. This duo from Albuquerque have put together what is truly a unique sound, mixing harmonious indie-electro with surging dance beats. Their … Read More

Go Periscope – S/T

April 8, 2011 |

Hailing from Seattle, Go Periscope is an electro pop duo creating catchy dance beats and synthesized melodies. Falling somewhere in-between on the spectrum of powerpop and electonica, their sound is upbeat and instantly likeable. Both members, Florin Merano and Joshua … Read More

Ghost Ocean – Transparent Lines

April 7, 2011 | 1

Looking for some new music to quench your rock thirst? Look no further than Ghost Ocean’s latest release Transparent Lines. The band blends a mix of post-hardcore with indie rock which are both fairly broad genres when you think about … Read More