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TKF Time Machine: Blank Check

There are some movies you remember so fondly from your childhood that they just can’t be bad…or can they? In our newest video series, we set out to re-watch movies from our childhood to see if they hold up to the test of time!

In our inaugural video, we watched the 1994 film, Blank Check.

IMDB Synopsis

12-year-old Preston Waters is tired of his pain-in-the-butt brothers and stingy parents. One day, a rich but convicted money launderer by the name of Quigley nearly kills him in a parking lot and gives him (by mistake) a blank check. So Preston boots up his computer, makes out the check for one million dollars cash money, comes up with the pseudonym of “Macintosh” and starts to spendin’. But Quigley wants his money back — it was supposed to be cashed by another man with a blank check and handed back to Quigley. Can Preston keep up the facade? Will Quigley and his goons get their money back? And will Preston learn how valuable money really is?

Does it still hold a place in our hearts? Watch the video to find out!

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