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Online Filter Bubbles

Have you noticed lately that you don’t see what all your friends are up to on Facebook? You’ve got 200 friends yet just a handful show up in your feed. What’s the deal? This issue has a name, it’s called “Filter Bubbles” and they’re becoming an increasing problem across the web.

In theory the idea is supposed to enhance your browsing experience. Algorithms filter through what you click on and begin to customize an experience based on what you do most. This seems all well and good; give me all the things that interest me and nothing else. However, you’re missing out on vital information and just focusing on “junk food” posts.

This isn’t just limited to Facebook either. Google and other large sites across the web have now become the digital gatekeepers telling you what you should be viewing simply based on clicks. The web is supposed to help us grow and see what is happening around the world in an instant. Instead, we’re being herded into small areas of our own without even knowing about it.

The solution currently relies on you. Shake things up and keep the web guessing. Take a moment to click on something that you’ve wanted to learn about, something you might have to think about. Be open to new sites and articles. Forget the funny picture of a cat for a moment and read some world news. Instant gratification is great and all but try to eat some “digital veggies” to help balance your web meal.


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